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Bellinturf, Think Artificial grass, Think Bellinturf

Tác giả: yisainuo Thời gian: 2017-02-04 15:47:55


High quality products and professional product introduction attract more customers to negotiate

Domotex exhibition has come to a highly successful conclusion in Hannover Fair Center on 17th Jan, 2017. This exhibition is the best platform for carpet and flooring materials industries all over the world. Bellinturf mainly showed the well-received products in Europe market. Thanks to the successful exhibition, Bellinturf sales team has a good communication with all the clients, and starts a bright business relationship with potential customers. 

Bellinturf booth was designed and decorated by a European design company. The samples displayed in a unique way, the business-discussion area decorated warmly, booth designed sweetly and attracted many visitors. Bellinturf sales team meets every customer with friendly and professional attitude. Everything is perfect for this exhibition.

High quality products

After checking the samples from the booth, many customers compliment that Bellinturf products already achieve the European quality levels. From the fiber shape design, turf color, resilience…has no difference with European original products. All the samples were received by the customer's strong approval. Facing strong competition of artificial grass market, how to obtain an absolute advantage, is the key direction for all effort of Bellinturf team.