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Bellinturf Vietnam Plant Kicks off Operation

Tác giả: qinghe Thời gian: 2018-05-09 14:10:40


The plant of Bellinturf in Vietnam has started full operation in December 2017. Its establishment affirms the status of Bellinturf being an undeniable superpower in artificial turf manufacturing. It is projected that by the beginning of 2018, the annual production capacity of the manufacturing base in China and the plant in Vietnam will cover more than 40 million square meters and yarn quantity will spike to nearly 60,000 tons. As one of the world's largest producer of synthetic turf and integrated solution provider,Bellinturf has more cemented and upgraded it's position in artificial turf industry.
The Vietnam plant has introduced a variety of world-class advanced production equipment and testing equipment. The manufacturing, quality controlling and testing of its products are based on its more than 14 years’ experience in product research and technical development, which can meet ISO standards, FIFA standards and the most rigid standards in the line of artificial turf.
To suit the various environmental conditions present in different parts of the world, Bellinturf ensures that it carries out proper research on the various client regions to enable it to make customized products. The establishment and operation of the Vietnam plant will help it meet the needs of diverse customers and various types of products more efficiently.
The Vietnam plant is strategically located at Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. As the world's most important base port, Ho Chi Minh Port can satisfy the delivery needs of all regions of the world so as to deliver the goods to your designated location more efficiently and quickly.
Going forward, Bellinturf becomes more extensive in product category, more stable in product quality and faster in product delivery with sharp rise in product output in the meanwhile.
The fast-paced growth of Bellinturf will guarantee the reliable quality, the most affordable and superior cooperation experience in the world.